Fraggle puppet with orange hair sits beside a Fraggle Rock vinyl record and record player

Puppets, puppets, and more puppets!

Over the years I have created with puppets as a way to get around production hurdles, mainly no one at my museums wanted to be on camera – yet I was tasked in creating content. Video has been the king of content for a while now, so I always tried to think outside the box when trying to make something on a shoestring budget of a few hours, an iphone, and a museum at my disposal.

New Demo Cut!

Just before we get into the end of the year I wanted to update my demo reel for 2017. I’m looking forward to the projects that will be added next year, but until then here is the new cut!

We are up and running

We are finally filming episodes for Cranium Cookie and you can find some fun behind-the-scenes stuff on our facebook page: We are also looking for a sound person for the rest of the shoot dates so if you are that person or know someone who is please pass this along 🙂 Other than that I’m busy making …

They Fight.

Today I had the pleasure of fighting. Not usually a sentence most people get to say. But my good friend Tammy Everett is a singer/actor/stage combatant and she asked if I could play the big bad in her up coming music video for her new album. I adore playing the villain, they always get cooler …

Making Waves: On Set

I was asked if I would take the role of a mother who ends up rescuing a little girl from her backyard pool. I agreed. Then I realized it would be shooting in September when it was 13 degrees celsius… At least I got to jump in with my clothes on!