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Social Media Packages made by Adrianna for Fringe Festival Artists

Dear Fringe Festival Friends, I’m a long time Fringer myself (both onstage and in the audience) and I’m trying something new this year… Social Media Fringe Packages!

Social Media is a great way to find and target your audience for your upcoming Fringe show! But you’re in rehearsal, or you don’t know what a boosted post is or how to make an ad, heck you don’t even know what “web optimization” means – and that’s OK. Let me do that for you.

Level 1: $100 
You’ve got the poster work done and you can send me the files so I can make you:
-an Event Banner
-a social share of your poster optimized for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Level 2: $250
You have a poster and you can send me the files and I can make you web optimized social shares (aka Level 1) but you want to do more than that. You need a plan. 
-Level 1 shares
-sit down to talk strategy and audit what you have already in place for your show to attract an audience

Level 3: $500
You have all the above (social shares, and a sit down) but now you want to go one step further and create a quick and dirty web trailer for your show too.

UPGRADED Level 3: $800 
A professional camera talent and editor, Eric Metzloff (Zoomer Media), will join us to cut your trailer and make it that much more slick.

Want some help with something else to do with marketing? Let’s chat! 
Limited availability on all packages, deadline to apply: May 15, 2018

See my work:


Don’t have production stills? Need professional photos done for your show? Adrianna is teaming up with Rainyfresh Photography to upgrade any package with these photo opportunities:

Rainyfresh Bonus: Social Media Quick Snap $150
-30 mins in one location
-3 shots professionally edited

Rainyfresh Bonus: Production Package $250
-60 mins in one location
-10 shots professionally edited
See Rainyfresh Photography

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