Adrianna as Margaret Elizabeth Lofty in The Drowning Girls with Wren Theatre; Adrianna in a white edwardian dress wet, with her hair pulled up and eyes whited out and her hand out stretched gripping the air and her face snarling
as Margaret Elizabeth Lofty
in The Drowning Girls by Wren Theatre

Prosser’s grace and elegance come through in every aspect of her performance, and I loved that she, along with the other actors, gets to show off her beautiful singing voice! The chemistry of this cast is excellent, and while they’re certainly scary, they’re also a total joy to watch.” -A View From The Box (Read more...)

Adrianna Prosser, Vikki Velenosi and Amanda D’Souza are a compelling trio, skillfully mining the lyrical text for all its horror and humour. Prosser’s accent and physical comedy during a trial murder re-enactment is a comic highlight.” -Istvan Reviews (Read more...)

“Highlighted by a stellar performance from Adrianna Prosser as a skeptical but hopeful wife who is married a single day before being drowned in her bathtub,” -My Entertainment World (Read more…).

Adrianna Prosser gets to have the most fun as the bitterest of the brides. She married for survival, a contract, and when she let her guard down in a moment of unexpected but surprisingly welcome intimacy… Prosser dives (pun intended) into her accents with flamboyant glee…” – Drew Rowsome (Read More…).

Adrianna has been nominated for Outstanding Performance (Supporting) for her role as Margaret in My Entertainment World’s 2023 Theatre Critics Pick list. (Read More…).

Adrianna has won for her role as The Jailer’s Daughter Best Performance by a Female in a Feature Role/Ensemble (Play) from Broadway World & Best Female in an Indie Company Production Best Actress in The Two Noble Kinsmen (Urban Bard) from My Entertainment World
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Adrianna played Jenny (top) in The Shape of Things
with Lone Pine Productions/Theatre Bassaris.

WINNER of “Best of Fringe!”

“…the acting was positively stellar.”
-Mooney on Theatre Review
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Adrianna as Hermia in Hart House’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Hermia, played by Adrianna Prosser, is a perfect combination of flighty and melodramatic—a true comedienne.” -Varsity News
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As Vera Holloway in The Parliamentarians

“Adrianna Prosser establishes a fascinating character in record time, before proceeding to essentially deliver the entire second act. (I don’t think it would be unfair to describe it as a monologue, and it’s one she delivers beautifully.)” -Mooney on Theatre Review

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