Adrianna has won for her role as The Jailer’s Daughter Best Performance by a Female in a Feature Role/Ensemble (Play) from Broadway World & Best Female in an Indie Company Production Best Actress Adrianna Prosser in The Two Noble Kinsmen (Urban Bard)
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Adrianna played Jenny in The Shape of Things with Lone Pine Productions/Theatre Bassaris.

WINNER of “Best of Fringe!”

“…the acting was positively stellar.”
-Mooney on Theatre Review
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Adrianna as Hermia in Hart House’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Hermia, played by Adrianna Prosser, is a perfect combination of flighty and melodramatic—a true comedienne.”
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As Vera Holloway in The Parliamentarians





“Adrianna Prosser establishes a fascinating character in record time, before proceeding to essentially deliver the entire second act. (I don’t think it would be unfair to describe it as a monologue, and it’s one she delivers beautifully.)” -Mooney on Theatre Review

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Adrianna (right) in State of Women
Adrianna in Murdoch Mysteries LIVE