Archery updates

Not much to update other than I’m under a rock called rehearsal and production! Everything But the Cat… is coming along nicely and soon enough I will be in rehearsal for The Parliamentarians in May.

What do I do to unwind from all the scheduling and memorization rehearsals? This: archery. I have been a few times this year and both times have been cold! But really I can’t get enough.

Hungarian Horsemans Bow: anchor at the chest, not the eye.
Hungarian Horsemans Bow: anchor at the chest, not the eye.







Here’s a video of me trying a Hungarian Horsemans bow:

notice that it anchors to your chest and not your eye! That messed me up so much! But it’s really interesting to feel the different approach to mounted archery – it’s true, anchoring to your face/eye (Hunger Games style) makes for a very bouncy shot once on the horse. If you anchor to your chest it is much easier. I can’t wait to try this on a horse!




I have to live up to my Merida claims – keep working on my Scottish accent, get on a horse whenever I can, and get to the range:

archeryjuly2013I also brought my 6ft nylon whip and gave it a crack or two – my arms were happy campers after a few hours changing between the two 😉


I am Brave

I am beyond excited to play dress up for Toons on Tap on June 4th at The Rhino as MERIDA!

by Jeremy Cardarelli
by Jeremy Cardarelli

I hope to see you there! I will have my hair extensions, my “brother bears” and of course my bow and arrows 🙂

You can also hire me out to be your Brave friend – I would love to be the invited guest of a little ones birthday party!

Here’s a trailer to get you in the spirit – as I will try to use my very underused Scottish accent:

And finally, here’s me at the range recently:  *note the near bullseye!


Archery archery 2














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