Scarred Leather Character Portraits

Scarred Leather Character Portraits

The cast behind my upcoming staged reading of my haunted western “Scarred Leather” all had their photos taken by me in my living room and then I set out to edit them some Deadwood portraits for their characters…

Jason Martorino as The Mysterious Stranger
Caroline Concordia as Eliza Montcastle
Phil Rickaby as Bill the Bartender

Each character is from 1847, old Upper Canada, in the wilds of the new land called home – the outback of the Western world.

Come see it March 19-24th at Red Sandcastle Theatre:

“Everything…” that I’m doing for the show

The fire alarm woke me up at 6 am. False alarm, faulty wiring. But from 6 am on I was in GO MODE. I had some great people coming out to support Everything But the Cat… as I am ready to try my hand at some shadow editing!

"Opera Man" shadow for Everything But the Cat...
“Opera Man” shadow for Everything But the Cat…

I had the artists act out scenes in front of a huge screen while pouring light on them from behind – exactly like shadow puppetry. What I got was what you see to the right:

Not too shabby for the first go! My idea is to interact with those shadows in real time in the show. They will be synced to a voice over audio file to give them even more “life” when the whole thing takes the stage.

Now the hope is I know how to edit that and render it useful for my show…! *fingers crossed*

A huge thank you goes to out those who helped me move to the next level – the stress is in my stomach but I think it’s also the excitement of what’s up next.


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