Meet Cute Toronto Fringe Festival

Meet Cute poster for Fringe Festival in Toronto

Meet Cute poster for Fringe Festival in TorontoFrom the creator/performer of last year’s Fringe hit SLUT:

Meet Cute

What makes something romantic: is it what they say, how they say it, or who says it? One scene is presented three times – each time the outcome is different; the text doesn’t change, the context and intentions do.

When a man and a woman “meet cute” at a bus stop, are they meant to be or just trying to make it happen? One thing is certain: the road to dating is paved with good intentions.

Starring: Erin Norah Thompson and Jesse Bond*
Playwright: Erin Norah Thompson
Directors: Girl Meets Boy – Ria Tienhaara
Boy Meets Girl – Julie Cohn
Boy and Girl Meet Cute – Adrianna Prosser
Stage Manager: Ada Aguilar
Set Designer: Rachel Ford
Lighting and Sound Designer: Yehuda Fisher
Photgraphy and Graphic Design: Dahlia Katz
Producers: Erin Norah Thompson and Natasha Visosky

*with the permission of the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association

Thursday, July 2 – 8:45pm
Sunday, July 5 – 7:30pm
Monday, July 6 – 3:15pm
Tuesday, July 7 – 10:15pm
Thursday, July 9 – 12 noon
Friday, July 10 – 4:00pm
Saturday, July 11 – 2:15pm

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Tickets will be available online and by phone June 11th 2015. Advance tickets $12. At-the-door tickets $10.
100% of tickets will be available online, over the phone, or at the Festival Box Office up to three hours before show time.
Any unsold tickets will be available for purchase at individual venues starting one hour prior to show time.
Purchase online:
By Phone: 416-966-1062

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Directing?! ME?!

Meet Cute poster for Fringe Festival in TorontoSo a few months back I get a message from Erin Norah Thompson on Facebook: “I have a project I’m interested in having you as a collaborator…” turned out she wanted me to direct one of her scenes in this really neat concept of a show called Meet Cute. The 15 minute script would repeat 3 times but each time it would have a different edge to it: 1. Girl Meets Boy (and stalks him) 2. Boy Meets Girl (and stalks her) and 3. Boy and Girl Meet (and it’s all consensual/romantic).

I got 3! And I played up the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time complete with muppet arms of excitement and bumbling over what to say (did I just rhyme, omg, they hate me for sure!).

Now you have to remember, I haven’t directed something since Grade 11 Sears Festival! It was God by Woody Allen and I had no idea what I was doing – I just knew I wanted to make the show happen and there was no director so I stepped off the stage to be that person. We ended up winning for Production Design and my days of directing were pretty much over. Granted I have collaborated on projects like my one-woman show and a few things at the museums where I was directing a lot of choices but still an outside eye was needed/had. So you can see why I was nervous to jump into directing. But I’m so glad I did! After sitting with the opening night audience I said “oh yay! no one left!” and I relaxed a little into this new experience of being a part of the stage without being on it. And now I may have a new love and addiction…

So I hope you can check it out! Here are some reviews that may encourage you to see it!

The Mind Reels reviews Meet Cute “Short, sweet, and just about the most perfect little rom-com scene I’ve ever seen presented” (oh hey that’s the scene I directed!)

Mooney on Theatre reviews Meet Cute “A standing ovation later, I heard a couple in the front row exclaim, “That is theatre!” I couldn’t agree more. This show is simply a joy to watch. Meet Cute is a must-see!”

A special thanks to Ada, Erin, Jesse and Ria who welcomed this newb with open muppet arms of excitement. Thanks for making this an amazing experience.

Fringe Fest: The Doctor Is In

And the Fringe Festival is off and running – and we had a great opening! A “waiting room” full of “patients” for Shakespeare M.D. with Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare. Oh, and apparently I’m a badass…


Here is our “treatment room” (otherwise known as The Shed for the Alley Plays) and the “prescriptions” our audience members get. Treatments/the show lasts anywhere from 1 minute to 10, it all depends on your diagnosis from our “doctors”. So fun!

Nurse Adri Treatment Room - The Shed Shakespeare M.D. "prescriptions" See you at the Fringe!

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