Celebrate the launch of The Toronto Book of Love

book cover in red and white titled Toronto Book of Love by Adam Bunch
Celebrate the launch of The Toronto Book of Love, which brings the history of the city to life with tales of romance, marriage and lust.

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Date And Time

Fri, January 29, 2021

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Join us on Zoom to celebrate the release of Adam Bunch’s brand new book, out now from Dundurn Press! It will be a night of “Toronto History Speed Dating,” giving you a chance to meet some of the most alluring heartthrobs from the city’s past — and then vote for your favourite as we crown Toronto’s most eligible single of all-time.

Adam will be joined by historical interpreter Adrianna Prosser as we explore fascinating true stories of passion, devotion and heartache.

The event is 100% free, but we ask that you register by securing a ticket above because space will be limited. (You only need one ticket per device.)

Thanks to the Spacing Store, everyone who attends will get a discount code to enjoy $5 off The Toronto Book of Love when buying it from Spacing’s online shop!

The Zoom link will be sent out shortly before the event begins to keep it safe & secure.

Tickets are FREE but limited so RSVP here:


Rebellious Women: Remount!

Rebellious Women: Remount!

Next year, our great nation will be celebrating 150 years of Canadian history and culture! Now the history nerd in me is going nuts with all the great programming that I know is coming to the museums I work at – but also that I will be in an episode of Canada: The Story of Us on the CBC is exciting!

PLUS: it has been confirmed that my one-woman play about Mrs. Gibson and the women of the Upper Canada Rebellion will be remounted at Gibson House Museum in August!

I’m stoked to look back at this play I wrote back in… oh man, 2010?! Dust it off and send it back into rehearsal/the parlour. It is a site specific piece that tells the woman’s side of what happened in December of 1837…

Rebellious Women: Teasoons Raised
Rebellious Women: Teaspoons Raised


“November 1851: In the front parlour of Mrs. Gibson’s newly built home in Willow Dale, a table is set with cake and tea. Mrs. Gibson and her guests: Mrs. Cummer and Mrs. Sheppard, have gathered. Gibson House hosts the three unique women of Willow Dale whose lives were touched by the events of the 1837 Rebellion. Based on letters and journals, discover history through the perspective of the wives, daughters, and mothers of those men who fought for change on Yonge Street.”




More updates on tickets and specifics to come!

Everything… in the classrooms update

So! I had a fantastic meeting with Pat McCarthy who is an Education Consultant and Artistic Producer at Alumnae Theatre (which is where we met – during the New Ideas Festival where Everything… had its first public viewing as a staged reading.)

Here is the teachers info package I put together for critique:

Everything but the Cat Teachers Package (PDF)

Next week I’m taking a segment of my show to a high school in Whitby where senior  students in Social Humanities and Drama classes will view and critique my show. I want to know from the source if this is something that they want to hear! If this is a package they want to watch! So this will be a trial by fire…

More updates soon on that.

In other news I have been cast in Spur-of-the-Moment’s Shakespeare In Hospital Programs where actors tour hospitals and perform for the sick and the elderly across GTA. I am really proud to be a part of this! I also am now a part of the “Wharf at War” team that will be touring Ontario (Brockville to Ste. Marie!) doing scripted and improvisational historical interpretation about the War of 1812. I have two characters: a widow born in the Niagara region and a seamstress of Scottish decent. I’m eager to start both these projects as they really speak to the person that I am. I adore both of these companies’ mandates and I am ready to jump in head first 🙂



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