Cranium Cookie on SortaTV


The award winning “Cranium Cookie” edu-tastic webshow I produced and created and hosted with Danielle Thorn and Charlie Caparros, is NOW ON SortaTV (a division of Shaftesbury films!)

Subscribe your kid! This channel is great for STEM and explorative kiddies! Here’s the award winning episode with yours truly hosting:

Geek is as Geek does

It’s no secret I’m a huge geek. Nerd? There are times when I am both! Like in my latest photoshoot with Photos by Jo (and make-up by Coral who wanted me to really dive into my geek branding as I’m now hosting Geektropolis and of course I said “Affirmative. Engage.” and quickly had a panic attack about which shirt to wear – I have SO MANY geeky t-shirts!

Here’s my Brady Bunch set: Adrianna Prosser in geeky T shirts ona grid

And the best Captain America I can do without fully cosplaying it in camos: 


Find Joh on the web: Insta:@photo_by_joh Twitter:@joannahaughton 

Find Coral on the web: and


We are up and running

We are finally filming episodes for Cranium Cookie and you can find some fun behind-the-scenes stuff on our facebook page:

Cranium Cookie banner

We are also looking for a sound person for the rest of the shoot dates so if you are that person or know someone who is please pass this along 🙂

Other than that I’m busy making a 10 minute education video for Gibson House Museum explaining the reasons and lead up to the 1837 Rebellion of Upper Canada to use for programming. Should be fun! I love history!

Next up is a super secret project that includes using my whip and fight skills in a short film and then learning a Louisiana accent  for another project. This is gonna be an excellent end to 2014!


Cranium Cookie: Your new fav web show!

I have been working with some great people on a not-so-secret project called Cranium Cookie – an education web show that explores all things in Canada! I am the HIstory and Arts Host and I get to delve into amazing Canadian history across our great nation.

Check out our teaser trailer:


Can’t wait to show you more!

Villainous Valentines

It’s no secret I love acting. It should also be known I love a great party. This might be why I love Mary Jane Watson from the Spider-Man comics so much! She happens to be the former AND a smart, witty, red head too. In search of awesome I found that I would love to host a great party once in a while… Thus began The Smashing Trio and I headed the charge for a Villainous Valentines Party at my favourite comic book store.

My friends who helped me out all night (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) were all dressed from   the boardgame Clue! I was Miss Scarlett – here’s the whole “Clue Crew” and some pics from the party:

Villainous Valenties Clue Crew Col Mustard and Miss Scarlett Villainous Valentines

It was fantastic fun! (It was a lot of work!) and you know what? I want to do it again! So this is a sidebar from all the acting – a little glimpse at things that make me smile and things that make me excited: a great party with friends and strangers, who are just friends you haven’t met yet, and great music and fun. I hope we get the chance to do another party soon (well after my shooting dates for the Indie Feature) and that you can come have a “smashing” good time with us!

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