New Ideas Festival Reading was today….

bio poster at NIF2013
bio poster at NIF2013

So this happened today… I’m too exhausted to tell you ALL about it, but I wanted to mark the day and say that I had an amazing experience. I was just as nervous, anxious, & excited as if I were walking out on that stage. This team of women you see above – they blew me away. I felt respected and honoured this afternoon. And the audience was full of friends, family, strangers and thespians. It was a beautiful vibe in the audience and a great Q&A after (which for me was the scariest part I had to look forward to!) but all in all I had a wonderful experience.

Thank you especially to Steph, Stevie, and Krista for hitting it out of the park. And to Pat and Carolyn at Alumnae for letting us break the roof off that studio 😉

Now to rest, digest, and take it to the next step.


Great News. Great Inspiration. Great Women.

So I am a huge nerd about certain things. I also am a closet shy-girl. Yes. Me. Shy. I fan-girl in the most awkward worst way possible. I am terribly shy and self-conscious around people that make the world a better place and make me want to be a better artist and person. One of these people is Sandra Shamas – who not only was an original puppeteer for Fraggle Rock (OMGTHATISSOFREAKINGCOOL) but she also has this great wit and writing style to her. Her series of one-woman shows has been a huge inspiration to me to write first person dialogue to the audience. A confessional theatre flavour. My script currently titled “Everything but the Cat… A Not-So-One-Woman-Show about Bereavement and Suicide” has the tag line on the front page as a synopsis:

“Sandra Shamas has a third date with Postsecret.” This describes my genre. It’s humour and wit, with that edge of intimacy and secret sharing that Postsecret is known for.

Then I fan-girled her TONIGHT at a local Storytelling Event at a deli in Toronto


I was so excited to meet her and tell her I cried my ass off (tears of laughter mostly) with my mother at her most recent show in Toronto. I also squeed that yes, my show, was inspired to be in the format that I chose because I felt validated by reading/seeing her shows – has been picked up for workshopping and presentation with The New Ideas Festival 2013!!!! March 9th at 12 noon I will be presenting my show for the first time for the public! I can’t wait! Thanks to Bricoteer Experiment Theatre (James and Grey), and my close friends and family who have really pushed and pulled this story out of me.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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