On Set: I’m a Cop!

Yesterday I was on set as a Police Officer – and not only did I convince the cast that I was a cop, but even passers by (we were on location on the streets of Toronto) came up to me as talked with me as if I were a woman of the law! One woman even gave me a speech of how much she and her family loves and admires the profession – thinking I was a female cop! I do have to agree: it is a profession I admire woman getting into. But, wow, validation for character and wardrobe! Take a look:

Cop eyebrow

I got hired because my eyebrow does THIS!as cop giving ticket Full uniform copThe wardrobe lady was pleased it fit me like a glove! She even insisted on this last picture to give my agent, saying I make a good cop and that I should get on to some of the cop shows filming here in TO.

Best. Day. Ever.

Ps, I’m also an ACTRA apprentice now! 😀 Let the roles roll!

First day on set for Secret Lives…




First day on set for Secret Lives of Lovers was so fun! Though the snow storm from yesterday rendered most of Toronto’s streets useless – we still trudged on for our external shot of the day with me waiting for a ride home after shopping. We had to shovel the streets to get the car on its mark.
Back inside was more fun in the warm as we did the “dance rehearsal” scene.

I’m happy to find fellow comic nerds and geeks on crew to talk nerd with over the next month!


Here’s the fake poster for my show within this film – it even kinda looks like me!


Tomorrow is the dreaded Tango Performance!!! Ahhh! But if today was any indication – it will be so fun!


End of day crash on the set couch with @jasonmartorino and @fighteractress

And now for reward sushi – because sushi is ALWAYS a reward 🙂

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