Studio Sessions: Theatre School During Lockdown

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Adrianna will be hosting GhostLight’s Studio Sessions “Breaking Barriers: Theatre School During Lockdown” on Facebook LIVE Thursday September 24th at 11 AM (EST)

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Studio Sessions: Theatre in a Pandemic
September 24th @ 11AM (EST)

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“Breaking barriers” is our theme for September as we discuss how we can break through the lockdown restrictions and still create the art we love.

This Studio Session we are talking to Rachel Forbes and Beck Lloyd about going back to school and teaching theatre… during a pandemic! How does that work?

Discussion points we want to explore:
-what kind of “classroom” are we returning to?
-rehearsal halls vs. zoom calls
-collaboration online vs in person
-learning curves: navigating change onstage/online

Have a question for our panel? Send them ahead of broadcast to: or post your questions below!

Or join us LIVE and chat with our guests during the broadcast.

We are up and running

We are finally filming episodes for Cranium Cookie and you can find some fun behind-the-scenes stuff on our facebook page:

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We are also looking for a sound person for the rest of the shoot dates so if you are that person or know someone who is please pass this along 🙂

Other than that I’m busy making a 10 minute education video for Gibson House Museum explaining the reasons and lead up to the 1837 Rebellion of Upper Canada to use for programming. Should be fun! I love history!

Next up is a super secret project that includes using my whip and fight skills in a short film and then learning a Louisiana accent  for another project. This is gonna be an excellent end to 2014!