Requiem for a Gumshoe


From the mad geniuses that brought you the Dora Award Winning Space Opera Zero! comes Part II of the Apocalypse Trilogy


Eldritch Theatre presents…
 by Eric Woolfe with bits stolen from Snorri Sturluson

“It’s as if the Norse Legend of Ragnarok was the bastard love child of HP Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler.”
– Eric Woolfe, Artistic Director

A weird-noir, hardboiled, cosmic-horror mystery told with sultry actors, terrifying puppets and dark, arcane magic. A warlock running from his past. A woman running from the End of the World.

Eldritch Theatre is “Outrageously fun, horrific good times” – Life With More Cowbell

Rick Fischmascher is a rumpled private detective and warlock for hire, haunted by the death of his son, and entrenched in the arcane murder of a troubled opera singer. And he’s the chief suspect. Requiem for a Gumshoe is a weird-noir, hardboiled mystery, re-telling the Norse legend of Ragnarok in the pulpy style of Raymond Chandler infused with the cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft. 



November 24 – December 4th,2022

At the ghoulishly refurbished
Red Sandcastle Theatre*
922 Queen Street East, Toronto 

7:00PM Doors/7:30 Showtime
3:00PM Doors/3:30 Showtime

90 minutes, no intermission

Eldritch Member Tickets $15/$20 

$20 Tuesdays/$30 Advance/$40 Door/PWYC Sundays
and introducing Socially Distanced Wednesdays*


Performed by Mairi Babb, Lisa Norton & Eric Woolfe

Directed by Dylan Trowbridge

Set & Costumes Designed by Melanie McNeill

Sound Design by Verne Good
Lighting Design by Gareth Crew
Puppets by Eric Woolfe
Stage Managed by Sandi Becker
Produced by Adrianna Prosser
Poster Design by Michael Ripley



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