Voice Over: Drama episode for Misfits Audio

So I had a fun opportunity with Misfits Audio to do some character voice over work as Carley, a car accident victim who is confused by the afterlife. Here check it out:


Young Carley Jeffers experiences the unknown after a tragic accident.


Adrianna Prosser as Carley
Alex Zahara as Jack
Eleice Krawiec as Mom
Kyle McDonald as the Doctor

Written by Glenn Hascall.
Directed and mixed by Jim Smagata
Copyright 2017, Misfits Audio. All rights reserved.

Executive Producer and Webmaster: Capt. John Tadrzak.
Art Director: Glenn Hascall.

All the characters portrayed herein are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons – living or dead – is purely coincidental.


Behind the mic

Just a note to say…

20130213-114605.jpg I adore being in the voice booth!

And – I know this is going to sound weird – but I kinda like hearing my recorded voice. Ya. Weird right? I have a hard time watching myself on screen, but listening to myself is fun.

I think after this movie I will look into some mic technique classes. I started doing some things in the booth that I thought were helpful: breath in (because they can hear that) and then


waiting a moment to begin. LIttle things like that that I assume are helpful to the editor. I want to know more of that – I also want more gigs in the booth!

Both of these pics were taken at the sound booth in Tricon Film & Television Productions and they have such a rockin’ crew. Thanks for the awesome gig!


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