Social Media For The Arts

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** Adrianna will not be taking any new clients until 2020 **
Social Media is a great way to find and target your audience for your upcoming Fringe show! But you’re in rehearsal, or you don’t know what a boost is, how to make an ad, heck you don’t even know what “web optimization” means and that’s OK.
Let me do that for you.

Things I do best: Create Content + Tell Your Story

-Create behind-the-scenes photos and copy around your project
-Curate links that are on brand and express the tone around your project 
-Build social shares and visual assets: video, photography, GIFs, memes that are optimized for different platforms (Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube…)
Press Releases + Media Kits
-Digital Engagement Strategy to support your online branding and engagement
-Newsletters to media and your subscribers

And so much more! Let’s chat about the story you want to tell.
I’m here to help. 

While as a piece of theatre Checkpoint 300 needs quite a bit of work, the basis for a strong and compelling story is there, and I look forward to seeing future incarnations of the show. As a final note, I have to give kudos to the show’s marketing manager Adrianna Prosser, who has done a wonderfully effective job at marketing the show, something that takes a considerable amount of time and planning and rarely gets any recognition. I keep seeing its posts and it made me excited to see the show, so bravo to that.

Level 1: $250
You have the poster taken care of, and you can send me the files and I can make you web optimized social shares, but we can do more than that. We need to make a plan. 
-social shares based off your poster and from pictures you have from rehearsal or cast and company; content creation minimum 5 assets created social media optimized for sharing.
-sit down to talk strategy (1hr) and audit what you have already in place for your show to attract an audience (set up your tools and content calendar). Once it’s done, you’ll be armed with options you can use to promote your show!

Level 2: $550
You have all the above (social shares and a strategy) but now you want to go one step further and create a quick and dirty web trailer for your show too. I can cut film and edit the trailer from the storyboard we create in the strategy. Footage can be used for more social shares (Like IGTV and video ads) and add up to your 10 social media assets.
+$50 for a folder of photos taken from on set during filming (lightly edited, ready for web use.)

Here’s one I created for The Commandment: 

And another I created for Theatrefront:


Level 3: $1,000 
Short term contract being your Social Media Manager + Community Builder: one month (4 weeks) of social media management with creation and dissemination of content. Two 5 hour days a week where I will schedule, post, like, comment as your brand to engage your audience and amplify your online presence.

Want more help with your marketing? Or have a different idea about how you can you use my expertise?
Let’s chat and team up!

See more of my work:

Artists and Companies I have worked with:

Festival Players                             Walk the Six West
Wellington Water Week                Checkpoint 300 (FringeTO)
Gord Rand                                      Whiskey Ginger Collective
Theatrefront                                   Eldritch Theatre
Melody A. Johnson                       Rainyfresh Photography
Phil Rickaby                                   Dauntless City Theatre


Social Share created for Melody A Johnson’s Tarragon show
Creators Adrianna Recommends

Don’t have production stills or do you need professional photos done for your show for marketing (like your poster image)?
Adrianna is teaming up with Rainyfresh Photography to upgrade any package with these photo opportunities:

Rainyfresh Bonus: Social Media Quick Snap $150
-30 mins in one location
-5 shots professionally edited

Rainyfresh Bonus: Production Package $250
-60 mins in one location
-12 shots professionally edited

Need a professional videographer and editor?
Camera talent and editor, Eric Metzloff (Zoomer Media), can cut your trailer and make it that much more slick. 

Need a Graphic Designer? Adrianna recommends the artfully inclined:

Ann McDougall Museum and arts focused designer

Michael Ripley Cultural organization and performance art designer