Digital Storyteller

Adrianna is a storyteller whether that is onstage, on camera or online! Ask her about how she can help you tell your story for your business, theatre show, or even branding your professional self.

*Now accepting clients for Summer 2020*

Adrianna Prosser is an award winning digital storyteller specializing in marketing for cultural organizations. With over a decade of experience as a Senior Historical Interpreter for the City of Toronto, Adrianna became a Social Media Manager for the historic sites in 2011. She took charge of the Toronto Historic Sites social media account for two years and most notably led the Magna Carta and Canada 150 campaigns online. She currently is the Marketing Manager and Producer of Eldritch Theatre, the Social Media Manager of Festival Players, and on contract as a Social Media Specialist for Groundling Theatre’s Julius Caesar 2020 production, as well as holding various contracts with indie artists around Ontario. She is currently teaching the Web and Social Media Marketing course for Museum and Cultural Management program, as well as Arts Marketing and Digital Storytelling for the Arts Management program at Centennial College.

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infographic of Adrianna Prosser's career as a (digital) storyteller
Infographic of Adrianna Prosser’s career

Adrianna can help you create engaging content, build a community around you, create a strategy to focus your efforts and realise your assets, and make your next ad campaign to find your audience. 

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