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social media packages baner art depicting Adrianna as a social media manager and community builder

** Adrianna is not accepting clients at the moment **
Work with her at Red Sandcastle Theatre
Social Media is a great way to find and target your audience for your upcoming show! But you’re in rehearsal, or you don’t know what a boost is, how to make an ad, heck you don’t even know what “RT” means and that’s OK.
Let me do that for you.

Things I do best: Create Content + Tell Your Story

-Create behind-the-scenes photos and copy around your project for content creation to build awareness and to set your audience up for a successful experience.
-Curate links that are on brand and express the tone around your project or company to share to your followers.
-Build social shares and visual assets: video, photography, GIFs, memes that are optimized for different platforms (Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube…).
Press Releases + Media Kits.
-Digital Engagement Strategy to support your branding and engagement on and offline.
-Online Ad Buys to promote your company or upcoming project. 
-Newsletters to media and your subscribers.

And so much more! Let’s chat about the story you want to tell.
I’m here to help. 

While as a piece of theatre Checkpoint 300 needs quite a bit of work, the basis for a strong and compelling story is there, and I look forward to seeing future incarnations of the show. As a final note, I have to give kudos to the show’s marketing manager Adrianna Prosser, who has done a wonderfully effective job at marketing the show, something that takes a considerable amount of time and planning and rarely gets any recognition. I keep seeing its posts and it made me excited to see the show, so bravo to that.

Margaret Atwood, Adrienne Clarkson, Graham Abbey, Colin Mochrie, Deb Mcgrath, Torquil Campbell, CHilina Kennedy pose for Friday Night at the GhostLight poster art for event

Assets such as social shares like the one above, as well as web show and live broadcast production support, go hand in hand with Adrianna

Show trailers created by Adrianna:

The Commandment

Theatrefront’s Mules:

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Artists and Companies I have worked with:

GhostLight                                      Guild Theatre Festival
Festival Players                             Groundling Theatre 
Wellington Water Week                Regent Theatre Picton
Gord Rand                                      Whiskey Ginger Collective
Theatrefront                                   Eldritch Theatre
Melody A. Johnson                       Rainyfresh Photography
Phil Rickaby                                   Dauntless City Theatre
Checkpoint 300 (FringeTO 2019 New Play Winner)

  • caucasian female soldier looking right at the viewer in uniform with quote "Sir, I'd rather be treated as a soldier not as a girl"
  • festival players BMO pavilion at night with the words Use the code SPRINGHILL (promotional marketing for show)
  • Western poster with a red head in an orange duster coat and pistol raised to the viewer, the ghost of a man in all black in a black cowboy hat. in the distance a hauntingly dark saloon sits vacant on the hills of Canada in 1842
  • Studio Sessions banner art with words GhostLight: Studio Sessions "Breaking Barriers: Theatre School During Lockdown" with Beck Lloyd and Rachel Forbes Hosted by Adrianna Prosser. Guest headshots on a yellow and pink background