Host & Characters

Adrianna has worked on several projects that need that edge.

Clients who need that interactive quality while focusing on their product or mandate need only turn to Adrianna and her extensive background in Performance Promotions and Atmosphere/Ambient Characters. She has also acted as Host at festivals such as Spring Fling & Canada Day 2014 at The Harbourfront Centre and Buskerfest Toronto. Beyond events, Adrianna has hosted videos for several companies such as SOS First Aid, Hydro One, Toronto Historic Sites, and is currently the Arts & History Host for Cranium Cookie and the Host of Geektropolis 

Check out Adrianna’s “Host” playlist on YouTube

Meet-and-greet mixed with scripted & improvised interactions are a great way to reach your target audience. Commonly known as “corporate gigs” or “site animation” – Adrianna brings a great attitude and her acting prowess to your product or event.

As well as being a trained actress – Adrianna also has Historical Interpretation training to enliven a book character or even a figure from history, which was put to good use on Murdoch Mysteries 8.5 The Infernal Device “Death on the Tracks” event where she worked with a character outline and improvised her interactions with fans from the show.

Past contracts include:

merida bow Costumed model for Toons on Tap as Merida from Disney’s Brave

Adrianna as Holly the Red Knight

Holly The Red Knight for Casa Loma March Break Programming







As Queen Elizabeth the First
for The Royal Ontario Museum

“As always you were fantastic”

-Patti McCabe, Program Coordinator for the ROM


“Ni’kaala” The Alien for Harbourfront Centre’s Wonderball Gala 

Zombie Prophet at Canada’s Paramount Wonderland Fear Fest

“Cherise Jubilee” for Les Coqettes at Luminato
with Harbourfront Centre’s Spiegel Tent’N’Tavern

Fiji Water Representative with Hands On Inc

Tooth Fairy for Colgate Promotion Campaign

Gaelic Storyteller for The Royal Ontario Museum


“Ruaudhnait the Irish Wench” at Casa Loma & The Royal Botanical Gardens for the Royal Abingdon Faire


Trapease Fairy at The Guvernment Night Club

“You rock!”

-Kathyrn Romanow from Les Coquette Nouveau Burlesque

“Annabelle Bonnebelle” The Clown at Buskerfest

“You are exactly what I envisioned when I went to hire actors for this!”

-Bonnie Taylor from Toronto Epilepsy & Buskerfest Toronto Board of Directors

Motorola Girl for Motorola SLVR Campaign
Motoguide for Motorola YOUniverses Exclusive at Muzik

“Where is Adrianna? See that girl?
Watch her: she is what we want here today.”  

– Hill & Knowlton Marketing Head

Cowgirl for Shania Twain’s perfume launch

Mona the Vampire for TWI Worldwide Inc. at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland “Spooktacular”

Irish Mourner “Gwyneth” for The Departed DVD release party with Warner Home Video

Titanic’s “Roseline DeWhittaker” for The Ontario Science Centre:
“You guys certainly added to our atmosphere and we received fantastic feedback from our visitors and staff.”

-Roxann Braithwaite-Grant
Promotions Manager


Sun Media Representative, 2008 Auto Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Center

Loretta the Clown Maid for Casa Loma’s March Break Carnival

Mother Nature for Century with Toronto Aerial Dance,
at Nuit Blanche 2008


Emma Darwin for the Darwin: Evolution Revolution exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum



“You were fantastic!”

-Mary-Margaret Jones, The Communicor Group

 Pirate Anne Bonny for The Harbourfront Centre’s annual Wonderball Gala

& for premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 at Paramount Cinema Toronto

& Pirate Festival at Toronto’s Fort York