Death Doula

Adrianna has experience supporting the dying and the bereaved, assisting you and your loved ones through end of life care. She is currently a volunteer with Hospice Toronto as a one-on-one Hospice Care Companion, and bereavement & grief support worker.

Adrianna lost her brother to suicide in 2010 and his death propelled her into a journey of understanding grief and bereavement. She became a suicide prevention trainer, has her applied suicide intervention skills training ASIST, of which she has provided workshops on in Ontario and Quebec. Continuing her education she has her Grief Literacy certificates with Being Here, Human; as well as a certificate from Douglas College as an End of Life Doula. She went on to train with Hospice Toronto and completed over 40 hours of their core companion training as well as their bereavement and grief support worker training.

What is a Death Doula?

A Death Doula, or Soul Companion, or Death Walker, is someone who supports the death experience (before, during, and after) and all those involved in a care provider role. Dying is an emotional journey and can be overwhelming for the dying as well as the friends and family of the dying. The Death Doula is there to take some of that load from your shoulders, and be an extra set of hands and warm heart. They do not provide legal or medical aid.

A Death Doula’s work could look like logistical planning for the before, during, and after death; conducting rituals or comforting practices; helping the dying person reflect on their life and values; explaining the bodily functions of dying to their caregivers; providing companionship to the person who is dying and/or to the primary caregivers around them (which can be as simple as a cup of tea, doing the dishes, listening to how their day went, or escorting them to their appointments). During COVID19 restrictions, Adrianna has been able to provide Companion Care by telephone and video call, as well as creating care packages to send by post.

Adrianna can assist you with:

  • Companion Care
  • Reiki Healing
  • Grief + Bereavement Support
  • Legacy Projects
  • Rituals and Vigils
  • Advance Care Planning Support
  • Funeral Planning Support
  • In 2019 Adrianna went on an epic adventure with her friend Roberta to Disneyland. Why was it so epic? Roberta had just finished her final round of chemotherapy and this was a bucketlist celebration trip! Adrianna was asked as a friend but also provided personal support work for Roberta on this trip; assisting in mobility issues, and things like creating hot packs from facecloths and ziplock bags… The trip went so well that Roberta booked the next trip right away: to South Korea. Roberta had stage 4 cancer and needed a friend that understood the importance of living to the fullest while in pain and facing death. Without knowing the term Death Doula, Adrianna supported her friend at the end of her life to provide loving care and support even across the world – especially across the world – to make sure Roberta had a fulfilling end of life. From this experience Adrianna felt the pull to lean into this calling and has helped others talk, deal, and process the death and dying experience.

Payment plans are negotiable, please contact Adrianna for more information.

Adrianna was interviewed for her volunteer work as a Hospice Care Companion with Hospice Toronto