Headshots. How I loathe thee

So I did it. I got my headshots done. This is not a rare occurrence,  as being an actor one needs said headshots. But would you believe I HATE getting my headshots done?

“But Adri, you love acting and performing and public speaking – you take selfies even! Why do you hate headshots?!”

Well, anonymous text, it’s simple: it’s hard. It’s so hard to be You (capital Y) and not you (small y). Meaning, be the most genuine you You can be but also be the product you want to be. Confusing, no? You are trying to sell your face, your persona, your You to the world of acting and it is as much about being vulnerable to the camera as it is owning it and demanding the look you need from yourself. It’s hard. It’s super hard. And to get “there” to that place where you FINALLY get the shot, you have to get a bit silly…

Instead of showing you my top picks I’m showing you my silly pics. Here, I will even caption them, and I hope you do too *winner for best caption gets a prize* no seriously I will send you a something in the mail. It may be one of these silly headshots. You have been warned.

These are by Photos by JoH – she was AWESOME and these are untouched/unedited and look at how awesome my ginger skin tone is (which is also due to the talents of Coral Melnyk)  Pffft they brought their A-Game  (and I can’t wait to show you the final shots later!) but here is my silly face:

“Seriously? Try that again.”
“DOOOOOOOObeee dooo be dooo!”


“I like to touch rusty spoons…”

So yup. To get that perfect shot you will take a few silly/rejects. And that is kinda how life is, right? Try, try, try again, and between each shot Joh was laughing with me and talking about all the things in the world to get me to that perfect shot. It was great. So even though I hate getting my headshots done, I actually had a good time by the end of it.



  1. you should include the DOOOOOOObeeee doo be dooo one when you send your headshots out (you know the 2nd one they flip over – that would be a gas

  2. The last one looks like, “This is my murderin’ face”. Love it.

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