Murdoch Mysteries LIVE…or dead, rather?

Today I had the pleasure of being Clara, an Edwardian traveller on my way to the train station with my Travel Companion: Eliza, and her child Kit. We were on our way to Kingston when are travel plans were interrupted by a terrible murder! Here’s all the fun I had at The Toronto Railway Museum with the cast of Murdoch Mystery 8.5 The Infernal Device! See me grimace in this short video (the last one on the page).

Cast Murdoch
Cast of Murdoch Mysteries 8.5 “Death on the Tracks” The Infernal Device at the Toronto Railway Museum
collage murdoch
Clara and Eliza see the dead body (ew!) and Clara is escorted away
murdoch collage
On set at The Toronto Railway Museum in Toronto with Murdoch Mysteries 8.5 The Infernal Device











*Bonus: I was called Clara! That’s my fav due to Back to the Future III so I was secretly geeking out the whole day being called by her name!*

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