My performance has been nominated!

What a way to start the new year: I have been nominated for Outstanding Performance (Supporting) in the 2023 Critics’ Pick Award Nominees: Theatre by My Entertainment World.

Read my interview with My Entertainment World:

as Margaret in The Drowning Girls
Adrianna as Margaret Elizabeth Lofty in The Drowning Girls with Wren Theatre; Adrianna in a white edwardian dress wet, with her hair pulled up and eyes whited out and her hand out stretched gripping the air and her face snarling

Review by My Entertainment World’s Kelly Bedard: “Highlighted by a stellar performance from Adrianna Prosser as a skeptical but hopeful wife who is married a single day before being drowned in her bathtub, a trio of brides who share a fate lead the audience through their personal stories, the connections between those stories, and the societal circumstances that facilitated said stories. ”

You can read their full review of the show here:

And you can vote for me as Fan Favourite:

Email with the subject line “Fan Favourite: ADRIANNA PROSSER” to vote for any of our nominees in any category to win our Fan Favourite award.

And now I will go do a dance in my kitchen* 😀

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