I’m taking the lead…

If you look on my resumé you will see that I am an actor first, singer second, and dancer 14th… or at the very least I don’t like saying I’m a dancer. Well. That has now changed – I have been cast as DANCER! So I have signed up for lessons twice a week plus drop in starting Jan 4th. I can’t believe this is happening! I have to dance the tango in the movie (convincingly mind you) so this will be my greatest challenge yet. Yes, I have played a man before, yes I have learned circus silks for a role before, but I have never been cast in anything that requires intense dance knowledge.

I’m playing Grace – a dancer who waitresses, smokes like a chimney, and drinks bourbon. I love her. The movie is called The Secret Lives of Lovers

I have to say – I’m kinda excited. I always wanted an excuse to get into dance. I tried contemporary jazz two years ago and handed heavy on my right foot – never been the same since – and I took that as a sign from the muses that dancing is not for me. But here I am. Ready to tango.

Here’s a peek at the poster for the movie:


Let’s DO THIS!


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