Fringe top picks by ME!

So the Fringe is coming… I’m in it with Spur-of-the-moment Shakespeare┬áin the Alley Plays.

But what will I see in my downtime? Well I’m so glad you asked! I have my top picks from looking at the Fringe Guide

Fringe picks 2013

Polly Polly
Inge Snapshots
Mo and Jess kill Susie
Morro and Jasp: Go Bake yourself
Teach Me
One Side of an Ampersand
Much Ado About Nothing
The Final Trick of a Shoddy Magician
We Are the Bomb
The Truth about Comets

I really want to see the ones in bold. I really hope to see the others – as working a day camp and doing my own show may inhibit my audience participation this year…

What are your picks this year?


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