On Set: I’m a Cop!

Yesterday I was on set as a Police Officer – and not only did I convince the cast that I was a cop, but even passers by (we were on location on the streets of Toronto) came up to me as talked with me as if I were a woman of the law! One woman even gave me a speech of how much she and her family loves and admires the profession – thinking I was a female cop! I do have to agree: it is a profession I admire woman getting into. But, wow, validation for character and wardrobe! Take a look:

Cop eyebrow

I got hired because my eyebrow does THIS!as cop giving ticket Full uniform copThe wardrobe lady was pleased it fit me like a glove! She even insisted on this last picture to give my agent, saying I make a good cop and that I should get on to some of the cop shows filming here in TO.

Best. Day. Ever.

Ps, I’m also an ACTRA apprentice now! 😀 Let the roles roll!

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