On Set: Driving in the snow

I forgot to post some on set pics from last week!

I had a few car scenes and I had to do a lot of driving. How do they capture those action driving shots? Through this rig:

Driving go pro


I was soooo cold for most of the shooting. I had an epiphany: if you got cast on Game of Thrones, you’re set, you are living the dream! But. But you got cast as John Snow. And the next 7 years will be spent in SNOW. Real snow.  Is that the dream? Or is that a nightmare?

Still. You’re on GoT. And you are a kickass character like John Snow. I hope you like winter. Always :/


I went to court a lot too! Check it out:

Adri as Lindsay at Court

Looks oh so convincing! I didn’t have time to get a picture of the “police station” they made but it was beautiful. Set dressing is such an intense art. Kudos to the team.

Hopefully in a few months I will be posting a link to the episode!

Until then, it’s time to start packing for the UK for a #EuroSmash trip with my friends!

On Tour – nearing the end

the wharf sing midlandThis summer I have had the pleasure to tour Ontario with the Red Path Tall Ship 1812 Tour – with only one more stop to go (Windsor we are coming for you!) I doubt we will have as picturesque a time as we did this past weekend in Midland. Take a look:

scott and adri midland

At the Captains Dinner in Midland with my cast-mate and good friend Scottmidland boats 2013 tourSunsets in Midland as we take in Georgian Bay on our Historian’s boat!

A great weekend – and one more to go!



On Set: I’m a Cop!

Yesterday I was on set as a Police Officer – and not only did I convince the cast that I was a cop, but even passers by (we were on location on the streets of Toronto) came up to me as talked with me as if I were a woman of the law! One woman even gave me a speech of how much she and her family loves and admires the profession – thinking I was a female cop! I do have to agree: it is a profession I admire woman getting into. But, wow, validation for character and wardrobe! Take a look:

Cop eyebrow

I got hired because my eyebrow does THIS!as cop giving ticket Full uniform copThe wardrobe lady was pleased it fit me like a glove! She even insisted on this last picture to give my agent, saying I make a good cop and that I should get on to some of the cop shows filming here in TO.

Best. Day. Ever.

Ps, I’m also an ACTRA apprentice now! 😀 Let the roles roll!

on set: “Unhappy Happy”

Last month I was on set for “Unhappy Happy” by Robert Shaw. I was playing Jennifer, the office bitch who loved to whisper to her gal pal through the training session her company was forced to take. I have to admit, she was fun to play. The people on set were great – both behind and in front of the camera. We were laughing all day! The scene called for a stunt too – a break-back fall. It was gold. Kudos to the whole team! Take a look:

Jennifer 3 in Unhappy HappyWow. Office bitch face.

Jennifer 2 in Unhappy Happy
Who? Me? Please….

Jennifer in group Unhappy HappyUh, I’m still getting paid for this seminar…right?

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