Behind the scenes with the actors on The Cowboy trailer "Speechless"

The Cowgirl

I just got off set for a fantastic project called The Cowboy [<-click to vote for them!] They are the Cinecoup Challenge to make a feature film with all these neat Missions – little mini movies they need to make each week.I got to be in one of their Missions as a beat up cowgirl! Watch the trailer here:

They Fight.

Today I had the pleasure of fighting. Not usually a sentence most people get to say. But my good friend Tammy Everett is a singer/actor/stage combatant and she asked if I could play the big bad in her up coming music video for her new album. I adore playing the villain, they always get cooler …


I am happy to announce I will officially be using the * thingy on my résumé – the indie feature I did an actor part on (read: 6 lines or less) called Unhappy Happy won at TIFF for Best Micro-Budget Feature Film! Watch for me as Jennifer in the film. I will be posting scenes as soon as it can …

Making Waves: On Set

I was asked if I would take the role of a mother who ends up rescuing a little girl from her backyard pool. I agreed. Then I realized it would be shooting in September when it was 13 degrees celsius… At least I got to jump in with my clothes on!      

The Tango!

So even though Secret Lives of Lovers is on hold – the director Marc Morgenstern put some of the raw footage together to get a feel for the Tango we all worked so hard on. Remember: I am not a dancer! This was a personal triumph and I thank Five Strangers Films so much for …