Guest Blogging!

I did a guest blog for Ashley Gibson‘s “Life is Sweet project”, which focuses on mental health awareness. My blog was “Getting back to me” – I hope you can give it a read. It gives the reasons why I am pursuing the high school tour of my not-so-one-woman show Everything But the Cat…¬†which I am happy to report is trucking along in the background getting things done like demos, crowdfunding perks (Ohhhhh I wish I could tell you what they are but not yet! Soon though! Soon!), and a public performance night in May.

I hope you keep the discussion going in your own way. Maybe it’s calling that friend that hasn’t really been social since winter hit. Maybe it’s hugging your brother just ’cause. Maybe it’s sending a “hey, you’re great, and I know you have been having a tough time lately, but I’m here anytime” email/text/letter/postcard/pigeon to someone you care about.

Thanks for the read. And hey:


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