I haven’t been in front of the camera or treading the boards since State of Women closed, but that’s not to say I haven’t been performing… You may have noticed I fell in love with social media and I have pursued it with a college certificate & I made a move to headquarters within the museums I work at to tell the story of ALL the museums, not just the two I have managed since 2011. I love storytelling. I think that it was only natural for me to become a performer/actor, but online media is a new stage of sorts to perform on! I tell the museum’s stories there and I am super excited about it.

Last night I got to dress up and tell the museum’s stories at a 1960 Beatles event at Market Gallery and it was oh so fun! I used Joan Halloway from Mad Men as inspiration, see the results!

Joan Halloway from Season 1 Mad men as my inspiration for my hair and wardrobe Myself as Joannie and Ann as Peggy from Mad Men at the Beatles Rock TO event

It was so fun to be in period dress (and not be in a bonnet!) and get so many people’s reactions – so many participants shared their stories of fashion and memories of their friends and family looking like me! (And a lot of people thought I looked like Joan so that’s good! Mission accomplished!)

I love playing dress up, that will never change. I love telling stories either on stage or off 🙂

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