This week I have had the pleasure/excitement/giddiness/fear of experiencing a few firsts:

I got my FIRST BOOKING for Everything But the Cat… at a high school! We did a road trip to Port Perry:

Port Perry High School
Our school studio theatre
EBTC Team: Stevie, myself & Jason
EBTC Team: Stevie, myself & Jason



The students were a mix from senior Drama and Social Studies classes. Overheard when they were sitting down: “This is the coolest thing that’s happened all year!” And here’s what they had to say on the comment cards:

“[The show had] deep emotion”

“That we’re not alone with depression, it was VERY powerful!”

“I wanted it to be longer, it was amazing!”

“[The show] opens up conversation about suicide and mental illness”

“This topic was extremely helpful in ways that we can see actual people who have had to suffer the loss of suicide. I thought it was incredible.”

“Wonderful answers to questions.”

The Q&A was a bit of background to my process as a playwright and actor and even as a person going through bereavement.  The Drama class was just beginning their monologue unit and many admired that I essentially did a monologue for 45 mins! There was talk about how to tackle such a long piece and I suggested they make checkpoints in their scripts with movement so they can get some body-memory to help them memorize their piece.

The fire alarm went off just as we were wrapping up so we shuffled outside with all the students, as one shouted “Welcome back to high school!” Some of the students wanted to give me a hug outside as we waited for the fire drill to be over. After a gaggle of hugs it was nice to smile and talk about developing characters with them. They were such a great audience and super keen actors. I wish them all the best!

After a great show there, other firsts this week don’t sound so special like writing my first press release or running 6kms for the first time. But even little milestones are worth sitting back and feeling good about your accomplishments. I hope you too stop and admire what you have done lately, because you are the only you and you’re pretty awesome at it, if you don’t mind me saying so 😉



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