Red Anna… a black and white photography project with Rainyfresh Photography

My talented friend Ryan Fisher of Rainyfresh Photography let me check a bucket list item off my list: being a historic cowgirl. I have always loved Calamity Jane (from Deadwood was an amazing interpretation!) and Back to the Future 3 – heck I live my life in the times of the Gold Rush, but I’m stuck in …

Look it’s me!

Well I finally did it – I went down to the ACC in Toronto and found me. 18 ft me in a Leafs jersey getting married. There is so many things in that sentence that is just too weird. This is weird:

1940’s Bomb Girl

My friend Chelsea Merkel asked if I would pose for her portfolio as she is just about to graduate from a Special Effects program. No I didn’t get horns or a tail, though that would have been fun (sidebar I’m seeing Maleficent tonight…) but I had the pleasure of looking tough in an old school …

You Deserve…Me?

The production team behind Tivoli Films sent me this: You can see it in Cambridge, and by it I mean me hugging an air conditioner 🙂 Look ma, I’m a billboard girl!