….and I’m back!

A few years ago I was having to navigate a major job loss, and then becoming a part-time professor for Centennial College. I needed a break from the grind of the audition room and to refocus on what was newly on my horizon. It’s been a few years, but I never really left the performing …

Voice Over: Drama episode for Misfits Audio

So I had a fun opportunity with Misfits Audio to do some character voice over work as Carley, a car accident victim who is confused by the afterlife. Here check it out: http://misfitsaudio.com/comments/archives/4435#more-4435  Young Carley Jeffers experiences the unknown after a tragic accident. STARRING: Cast: Adrianna Prosser as Carley Alex Zahara as Jack Eleice Krawiec as Mom Kyle …

New Demo Cut!

Just before we get into the end of the year I wanted to update my demo reel for 2017. I’m looking forward to the projects that will be added next year, but until then here is the new cut!

IMDB listing…!

So this happened: MY BRAND NEW IMDB PAGE!  (okay okay so it needs a little sprucing up – but it’s THERE!) This is is a happy day. A happy, happy day.   Thanks to Marc Morgenstern – who cast me as Grace and popped my IMDB cherry 😉 You rock.