Toronto Fringe 2019: Checkpoint 300

caucasian female soldier looking right at the viewer in uniform with quote "Sir, I'd rather be treated as a soldier not as a girl"

I am so excited for Checkpoint 300 at Fringe this year – ok ok I’m bias, because not only am I working on the show as their marketing and publicist, but I also know Michelle Wise (Playwright and Director) and Geoff Mays from a long time ago from my actors life. Plus bringing to life such a heavy but important subject as xenophobia and religious conflict in the middle east – this show won an award for being such a great piece of theatre. I hope you can see it:

I took photos from their rehearsal for media use and I am happy to put my learning curve of photography to use: (and a little graphic design to add in the mix!)

Shiri played by Lizette Mynhardt
Photo/Artwork by Adrianna Prosser
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Happy Fringing to you all! And let me know what is on your “Fringe Picks” this year, I have some theatre to see 🙂

Where have you been?

smashing stigma blanket fort image for mental health event may 29-30

Under a rock. Yup. The month of May has been a rock to which I have been stuck underneath. But I see the light at the end of the the tunnel (please oh please let it not be a train) and I hope to have more awesome things to post about like the WWII epic theatre piece I’m in as a factory worker or the fact that Cranium Cookie just reached 100+ subscribers (I hope you’re one of them!) or that my mental health event Blanket Forts for Mental Health on May 29-30th is JUST about to happen (and it would be awesome if you wanted to join in on the fun from wherever you are in the world or to support and donate to my team!

smashing stigma blanket fort image for mental health event may 29-30


So I hope this finds you smiling, I know I am even though I’m still under this rock. I’m also trying my hand at directing a short Fringe show this summer – so I will tell you more about that when I can 😉



Fringe keeps on giving

I have participated in many Fringe Festivals. I can’t exactly say how many (I think 6? More than five, less than ten…?) But it’s not the shows that I particularly remember, it’s the awesome people that I meet.

Every time I participate in the Fringe Festival I walk away knowing some amazingly talented people. Sometimes I make a friend, sometimes I make a best friend. And a rare time I met a boyfriend 😛 The Fringe Festival is a community – a gathering of like minds – a place where people are passionate about theatre, communication, entertainment, and storytelling. Actors, playwrights, directors, producers, dancers, audience members; everyone gathers to have the best two weeks that summer can provide. It’s tradition! But not only that, all of these people want everyone to do their best to have the best time (at least in my experience) and that’s such a great feeling to be around. It recharges your creative battery. It inspires and it pushes you as an artist, and as an audience member it just makes you feel proud to be a part of this in your hometown.

I have been in shows that got one N rating. I have been in shows that sold out and ones that we had to give tickets away just to have bums in seats. I have been in the Best of Fringe. I have been in the Alley Plays Shed and main stage space at Tarragon. All of this seems to matter and not matter at the same time – because at the end of the Fringe it’s always the people that last.

I would like to take the time to thank those Fringe artists that went beyond the festival and stayed in my life to make it that much richer, that much better for having known them. Some I can say I have known for years, some even a decade! Those artists that met me by chance, by audition, by the whims of The Tent – those that I am happy to call friend – I stop to think “what if” from time to time and think how awful it would be had I not been in that show or not been in that audience. It seems silly to think, but truly, The Fringe has made me some life long friends. It amazes me.

I am happy and proud to be a part of this year’s Fringe as it was the 25th Anniversary but even better, I once again made connections with amazingly talented people at Shakespeare MD through Spur-of-the-moment Theatre Collective. I’m excited for them to continue and to toast them soon, even if it’s a year from now at The Tent and we can say “Remember that time we did Shakespeare in a shed?!” and laugh and reconnect then and there.

This is a long winded post about how wonderful it is to have a community gather and share like this can be. Thanks everyone. I had a blast (again) and I’m burnt out (again!) but once again I’m even excited now for next year.

Cheers, thank you, and all the best to you and yours,


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