Stories Like Crazy presents: 2 one-woman shows!

Once upon a time, Lori Lane Murphy met me online… I was stoked to be a part of her All In Our Heads storytelling event at The Paddock a while ago, and wouldn’t you know it – Lori was even cooler in person. I even met her husband Paul who I immediately wanted to be his sister! 

Fastforward past coffee chats and more storytelling events to when Lori brings this great idea of a mental health podcast that we should make together. Of course I am game! We create Stories Like Crazy We have a few episodes ready to drop for #MHW17 Mental Health Week May 1-7, but we don’t stop there…

Stories like crazy podcast presents 2 one woman shows by Adrianna Prosser and Lori Lane Murphy

We are teaming up to bring our one-woman shows about our true life stories dealing with mental health issues in our lives. Partial proceeds will go to CHMA’s #GETLOUD campaign for this year’s #MHW17

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See you in May!


  1. You have the right to carry anger and resentment. Should you be telling others that it’s healthy? Or okay?

    • Hello stranger, please to meet you on my website, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
      Yes I should and you should tell others that it is healthy and okay to experience emotion and allow oneself the space to feel loss; grief doesn’t have a timeline nor should you or I judge another person’s process. If someone told you to “just get over it already” when that person you lost was your mother, your brother, your significant other, do you really think that someone telling you so harshly would actually help?
      I’m here to open dialogue, I’m not here to fix people, I am a guiding force to resources that can help you help yourself. To date my efforts have brought 4 people forward to thank me for opening dialogue around them and giving them the courage to speak up and to others about their suicidal ideation. There have been countless others that have approached me in thanks. So yes, I think it’s healthy and yes I think it’s ok. In fact it’s because of those people that I keep doing this and keep seeking ways to be a better mental health advocate with more tools and resources to help those I meet. I hope this finds you smiling, and if not I hope you have a network that surrounds you that you can talk to about it.

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