Requiem for a Gumshoe


From the mad geniuses that brought you the Dora Award Winning Space Opera Zero! comes Part II of the Apocalypse Trilogy


Eldritch Theatre presents…
 by Eric Woolfe with bits stolen from Snorri Sturluson

“It’s as if the Norse Legend of Ragnarok was the bastard love child of HP Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler.”
– Eric Woolfe, Artistic Director

A weird-noir, hardboiled, cosmic-horror mystery told with sultry actors, terrifying puppets and dark, arcane magic. A warlock running from his past. A woman running from the End of the World.

Eldritch Theatre is “Outrageously fun, horrific good times” – Life With More Cowbell

Rick Fischmascher is a rumpled private detective and warlock for hire, haunted by the death of his son, and entrenched in the arcane murder of a troubled opera singer. And he’s the chief suspect. Requiem for a Gumshoe is a weird-noir, hardboiled mystery, re-telling the Norse legend of Ragnarok in the pulpy style of Raymond Chandler infused with the cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft. 



November 24 – December 4th,2022

At the ghoulishly refurbished
Red Sandcastle Theatre*
922 Queen Street East, Toronto 

7:00PM Doors/7:30 Showtime
3:00PM Doors/3:30 Showtime

90 minutes, no intermission

Eldritch Member Tickets $15/$20 

$20 Tuesdays/$30 Advance/$40 Door/PWYC Sundays
and introducing Socially Distanced Wednesdays*


Performed by Mairi Babb, Lisa Norton & Eric Woolfe

Directed by Dylan Trowbridge

Set & Costumes Designed by Melanie McNeill

Sound Design by Verne Good
Lighting Design by Gareth Crew
Puppets by Eric Woolfe
Stage Managed by Sandi Becker
Produced by Adrianna Prosser
Poster Design by Michael Ripley



Big Red News

Big Red News

I’ve done a lot of shows at The Red Sandcastle Theatre, including my one-woman show premiered with me in it there, I’ve done a few indie theatre shows like The Parliamentarians, and I even helped form a collective of playwrights and formed a festival around our work before the pandemic called Whiskey Ginger Collective. It’s been an amazing space to hold my creativity, as well as the homestead for Eldritch Theatre productions, even longer than I have been with them! So when Rosemary Doyle from Red Sandcastle approached Eric Woolfe of Eldritch Theatre and I to talk about the future of that black box studio on Queen East – I was all ears!

Eric and I are taking over as new management, and I have already done a digital overhaul of the logo, the social media, and the website (that one in thanks to Christopher Mott!) and am already taking booking for 2022, but we don’t “move in” until December 1st, 2021. I’m already excited for it! Eric and I have plans to refresh the space and honour what Rosemary has been doing for these past 10 years in that space: making performance dreams come true. Now, Rosemary isn’t leaving, she’s just taking a necessary step back so she can focus on her life in Kingston as Theatre Kingston’s Artistic Director.

Here, read all about it on the website:

And hey, it would be swell if you gave us a like on our new social media pages that I created:


So if you are in need of a black box theatre in 2022 or beyond give me a shout, I know this red head with a theatre that she’s looking to rent 😉

The Producer’s Hat

The Producer’s Hat

A few years ago I started working with Eldritch Theatre and it was magical – no really there was actual magic! The creatives in Eldritch Theatre are pretty stellar and even though I’m the Marketing Monster and Producer, I’m still made to feel a part of the creative team. 

This year we have a smash hit magic/horror/retro-sci-fi/sexcapade/puppet space adventure! And I took the set stills for marketing (eep!) and I made the opening credits, inspired by the 1930’s Flash gordon serials:

There have been great reviews, great fan feedback, and the houses are always bursting with laughter (and people! We keep selling out!) So as a Producer this is making my heart happy, and as a theatre creator it’s making my heart explode because we need more risk taking, more ridiculous, more PUPPETS in our lives.

I hope you get to see it – and because I’m the Producer I’m going to share a secret with you… “Comic Horror” is the discount code for $20 anytime tickets and there is always PWYC Sundays that you can book ahead!

Happy intergalactic space travels!


Stories Like Crazy presents: 2 one-woman shows!

Stories Like Crazy presents: 2 one-woman shows!

Once upon a time, Lori Lane Murphy met me online… I was stoked to be a part of her All In Our Heads storytelling event at The Paddock a while ago, and wouldn’t you know it – Lori was even cooler in person. I even met her husband Paul who I immediately wanted to be his sister! 

Fastforward past coffee chats and more storytelling events to when Lori brings this great idea of a mental health podcast that we should make together. Of course I am game! We create Stories Like Crazy We have a few episodes ready to drop for #MHW17 Mental Health Week May 1-7, but we don’t stop there…

Stories like crazy podcast presents 2 one woman shows by Adrianna Prosser and Lori Lane Murphy

We are teaming up to bring our one-woman shows about our true life stories dealing with mental health issues in our lives. Partial proceeds will go to CHMA’s #GETLOUD campaign for this year’s #MHW17

Get tickets and details here: 

Follow us on social too:

See you in May!

Everything in public…

The other night I participated in the Soulo Festival with my not-so-one-woman show Everything But the Cat...

EBTC Soulo Postcard It SOLD OUT!

The show sold out of pre-sales and the walk-up line started before my call-time! We had a full house with people sitting on chairs that were stacked so they could see over top of other people!

adri EBTC postshow
Me with the post-show talk with my awesome audience

The people I met from the audience were amazing – they were generous with their laughter and their tears. The applause was earth shattering, so much so that I hope my brother heard it because it was mostly for him; he made them laugh with the memories I had shared.

Some audience members even came to give me a hug or shake my hand after, or to tell me their story. I even met a former group therapy member who said she didn’t know it was me going into the show but instantly recognized me when I said “brother from another mother”. She had a deep connection with the theme of the show, but now having one degree of separation she had to say hello afterwards. I’m so glad she did 🙂

I have my first school booking for this show on June 4th and I can’t wait to see what students have to say now that the team has put so much into revitalizing the images to suit my original vision. People’s favourite scenes are still Steph Ouaknine’s slides of the subway and shower, and now I’m hearing the shadow actors are growing in favour as well! Such great talent that was shared to make this happen. You guys are the best!

Jason and Stevie at the tech board

Thanks to the Soulo Fest for picking my script. Thank you to The Red Sandcastle Theatre for hosting. Thanks to my team Jason, Stevie, Dwayne, Brad, and Bricoteer Puppet Projects for making this show stellar. And thanks to the many talented actors and voice artists that made the memories come to life for the stage. Thank you. Thank you THANK YOU.


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