Western poster with a red head in an orange duster coat and pistol raised to the viewer, the ghost of a man in all black in a black cowboy hat. in the distance a hauntingly dark saloon sits vacant on the hills of Canada in 1842

Poster Reveal for my Western

I am excited to have my haunted Western, Scarred Leather, at the first ever Whiskey Ginger Collective New Works Festival at Red Sandcastle Theatre March 19-24th (plug plug plug) But more excited to challenge myself in not just writing a period piece, not just collaborating with talented actors Jason Martorino, Phil Rickaby, and Caroline Concordia, …

Western: First Draft

Some of you may know I love the Western genre, so much so that I had a few cosplay photoshoots with RainyFresh Photography. I have been working on a one-act play for Whisky Ginger Collective theatre festival in March 2019, and it’s been a slow process. Full of procrastination and doubt, but after a few …

Behind the scenes with the actors on The Cowboy trailer "Speechless"

The Cowgirl

I just got off set for a fantastic project called The Cowboy [<-click to vote for them!] They are the Cinecoup Challenge to make a feature film with all these neat Missions – little mini movies they need to make each week.I got to be in one of their Missions as a beat up cowgirl! Watch the trailer here: http://www.cinecoup.com/the-cowboy/speechless