Summer is done?

How did that happen? Summer is pretty much over?! I guess that’s what happens when you get so sick you lose your voice and have to sleep for a few days. Ya. That happened.

But what a great present: my partner and I ended up in Punta Cana for a week where yes, once again I got sick, this time from the sunshine! But look at that ocean!

Sunshine in Punta Cana

So now that the autumn is coming I hope to turn my efforts back to acting, writing, and perhaps some producing.

Here’s hoping 😉

On Location: In The Past

For my Historical Interpreter job I sometimes get to create video content for the social media channels I manage there. Lost Lady Myrtle is a clown character I created to bring Zion Schoolhouse downtown to events – she is an ambassador for the museum, her and her fellow Lost Ladies.

Here I am at Spadina House Museum taking a moment to sip some tea in between takes (I can’t wait to show you the final cut later this week!)

Adrianna as Myrtle an Edwardian woman at Spadina House Museum

Where have you been?

smashing stigma blanket fort image for mental health event may 29-30

Under a rock. Yup. The month of May has been a rock to which I have been stuck underneath. But I see the light at the end of the the tunnel (please oh please let it not be a train) and I hope to have more awesome things to post about like the WWII epic theatre piece I’m in as a factory worker or the fact that Cranium Cookie just reached 100+ subscribers (I hope you’re one of them!) or that my mental health event Blanket Forts for Mental Health on May 29-30th is JUST about to happen (and it would be awesome if you wanted to join in on the fun from wherever you are in the world or to support and donate to my team!

smashing stigma blanket fort image for mental health event may 29-30


So I hope this finds you smiling, I know I am even though I’m still under this rock. I’m also trying my hand at directing a short Fringe show this summer – so I will tell you more about that when I can 😉



Answer some questions about yourself.

My friend and constant inspiration Kat Leonard asked me some great questions, and I mean GREAT. These rival the #AskHerMore questions on Twitter! Here, click the pic & take a look at what I answered:

People Profile: Adrianna Prosser's headshot for Kat Leonard


I think everyone should ask themselves these questions. Furthermore, Kat was so generous to ask me to come out and take part in her WonderFest in March  where I will be performing a piece from my Everything But the Cat… one-woman show. It looks like it will be March 5th at 3030 Dundas St W – stay tuned for more details 🙂

Actor Bucket List

Actor Bucket List

I know every actor has a character/role bucket list (like mine includes being a superhero, Katerina from Taming of the Shrew, Queen Margaret in Richard III and I want to ride a horse in a Western!) but there is another bucket list:


1. Be doubled

2. Do a shoddy accent (and still get the part)

3. Do a brilliant accent and don’t get the part!

4. Play the “young” version of a character

5. Play the “present”/old version of the character

6. Get into a choreographed fight on stage and screen

7. Say no to the stunts (leave that fire gag to the professionals!)

8. Say yes to the stunts! (C’mon it’s a glass made of sugar!)

9. Awkward make-outs with the scene partner you JUST met

10. Getting down to your birthday suit

11. Eat something you’re allergic to just so you get the part (yes I have done this…)

12. Get paid to sit and read a book all day and in the 7th hour they use you for 3 mins

13. Wear next to nothing for that sweet shot outside (bonus if you have to go swimming in October through April)

14. Drive a vehicle with a GoPro staring at you

15. Dye/cut your hair for a role

16. Learn a new skill for that role (dancing, combat, singing… something that you have absolutely NO idea how to do but you said yes in the audition so you’re screwed now!)

17. Loose/gain weight for a part

18. Voice Over yourself (probably because an airplane ruined your shot the first time)

19. Be the director/producer/writer/actor/marketer/make-up artist/choreographer/fight director/FOH/everything for a show you believe in with zero dollars just because you love the show so much (and eat PB & J for at least a month to make it work)


I’m sure there’s more – what have you experienced? Add to the list!


A Week of Firsts

This week I have had the pleasure/excitement/giddiness/fear of experiencing a few firsts:

I got my FIRST BOOKING for Everything But the Cat… at a high school! We did a road trip to Port Perry:

Port Perry High School
Our school studio theatre
EBTC Team: Stevie, myself & Jason
EBTC Team: Stevie, myself & Jason



The students were a mix from senior Drama and Social Studies classes. Overheard when they were sitting down: “This is the coolest thing that’s happened all year!” And here’s what they had to say on the comment cards:

“[The show had] deep emotion”

“That we’re not alone with depression, it was VERY powerful!”

“I wanted it to be longer, it was amazing!”

“[The show] opens up conversation about suicide and mental illness”

“This topic was extremely helpful in ways that we can see actual people who have had to suffer the loss of suicide. I thought it was incredible.”

“Wonderful answers to questions.”

The Q&A was a bit of background to my process as a playwright and actor and even as a person going through bereavement.  The Drama class was just beginning their monologue unit and many admired that I essentially did a monologue for 45 mins! There was talk about how to tackle such a long piece and I suggested they make checkpoints in their scripts with movement so they can get some body-memory to help them memorize their piece.

The fire alarm went off just as we were wrapping up so we shuffled outside with all the students, as one shouted “Welcome back to high school!” Some of the students wanted to give me a hug outside as we waited for the fire drill to be over. After a gaggle of hugs it was nice to smile and talk about developing characters with them. They were such a great audience and super keen actors. I wish them all the best!

After a great show there, other firsts this week don’t sound so special like writing my first press release or running 6kms for the first time. But even little milestones are worth sitting back and feeling good about your accomplishments. I hope you too stop and admire what you have done lately, because you are the only you and you’re pretty awesome at it, if you don’t mind me saying so 😉


Guest Blogging!

I did a guest blog for Ashley Gibson‘s “Life is Sweet project”, which focuses on mental health awareness. My blog was “Getting back to me” – I hope you can give it a read. It gives the reasons why I am pursuing the high school tour of my not-so-one-woman show Everything But the Cat… which I am happy to report is trucking along in the background getting things done like demos, crowdfunding perks (Ohhhhh I wish I could tell you what they are but not yet! Soon though! Soon!), and a public performance night in May.

I hope you keep the discussion going in your own way. Maybe it’s calling that friend that hasn’t really been social since winter hit. Maybe it’s hugging your brother just ’cause. Maybe it’s sending a “hey, you’re great, and I know you have been having a tough time lately, but I’m here anytime” email/text/letter/postcard/pigeon to someone you care about.

Thanks for the read. And hey:


Everything But the Cat…goes for funding!

I need your clicks! I have created an Aviva Community Fund application for Everything But the Cat:

Your clicks help me get to the semi-finals and hopefully $50,000 to take this show on tour! The budget includes full projections, a health care professional, and a communication strategist to help with a twitter campaign that will help teens be able to connect after the show with resources to help them with depression.

Please click! And often!


Fringe top picks by ME!

So the Fringe is coming… I’m in it with Spur-of-the-moment Shakespeare in the Alley Plays.

But what will I see in my downtime? Well I’m so glad you asked! I have my top picks from looking at the Fringe Guide

Fringe picks 2013

Polly Polly
Inge Snapshots
Mo and Jess kill Susie
Morro and Jasp: Go Bake yourself
Teach Me
One Side of an Ampersand
Much Ado About Nothing
The Final Trick of a Shoddy Magician
We Are the Bomb
The Truth about Comets

I really want to see the ones in bold. I really hope to see the others – as working a day camp and doing my own show may inhibit my audience participation this year…

What are your picks this year?


My time as Merida

I had the best night last night! I posed for Toons on Tap for their Brave session where I got to dress up and play as Merida all night! There was so much talent and so much joy in that room that I left feeling like I was floating off the floor. Such an awesome time.

Here’s my gallery (all taken on my iphone! I can’t wait for the professional shots to come in later – don’t worry I will post those as well because I’m a huge nerd!)

Merida by Eden B Me as Merida by Eden Bachelder
(click to go to the gallery on facebook)

My favourite quotes of the night were:

“You’re better than Batman! We sold out!”
“You’re so fun to draw!”
“When will you be back – you’re coming back right?!”
“… model dressed as Merida from brave and she just blew me away.”

Here’s some of the Artists’ high rez scan of their art:

I had such a great time that I am trying to think of who I could be next! Do you have any suggestions? Hmmm… red heads…